Judgement Free Logistics

Who are we to judge others? What some in the UEE may see as smuggling, we simply see as trading. So whether you’re shipping a thousand scu of pico plushies or looking to resupply your newest pirate outpost with weapons, we don’t care. We’ll complete the contract, no questions asked.

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About Naja Echó

Our Story

For many in Naja Echó, the majority of our life has been spent living amongst the Banu. How we came to be there varies from person to person. Some, born to parents who themselves group up in the culture. Others, traded in a contract by their guardians. Whatever the circumstances, we grew up as Banu and just like the Banu we worked in various Soulis until our debt was paid off. Now free of financial burden we look to establish our own Souli, bringing with us the culture and ideals we have grown up with as make our way through the ‘Verse doing what Banu do best. Making credits.

Our Mission

Naja Echó’s mission is to provide all citizens of the ‘Verse with logistical support regardless of their preferred methods of operation, affiliations or criminal status. From transportation to fleet services, we help our clients with the things they need to keep their organization moving. So long as the credits are good of course.

Our Services


If it fits in a ship, we’ll move it for you.

Currently Accepted Cargo

  • People
  • Vehicles
  • Trade Goods
  • Data (COMING SOON)

Fleet Services

Stranded in space? We have you covered.


  • Refueling
  • Repair
  • Salvage and Recovery


Planning on transporting your own good or just need some protection for your miners? Our escort team will keep you safe while you’re out and about in the ‘Verse.



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